Three Days Past and Still Going Strong

Today is day four of no smoking. Jamie and I haven’t touched one since after diner on Sunday. Like they say, the first three days after you quit are tough, then it’s just breaking the habit after that. I would have to agree with this. The first day was horrible. My body wanted one so bad, but my mind was strong enough to remember I was trying to quit. The first night was even worse. I couldn’t sleep or get comfortable at all. Everything irritated the crap out of me. Jamie and I have been fighting a lot over absolutely nothing at all, lovely side affects. Good thing we have been dating for almost four years and can get past this.

I believe this is all a mind game. If you can just push aside your habits and think before you act you won’t pick one back up. You don’t need any of those smoking cessation drugs/patches/gum. Jamie tried to use those last time, but I feel the issue is that you are satisfying the craving by either chewing some gum or the patch. To me, you want to get rid of those urges, not satisfy them, that is what makes it harder and takes longer to quit because you aren’t getting the nicotine out of your system. Granted yes if you have no self control then by all means a patch or gum is much better than the actual smoke. I told Jamie to not get them this time and see if she can do it. So far she has, and I think it’s because she didn’t use that stuff that she is doing so well this time.

Anywho, figured I’de just fill everyone in on how we are doing. I have been in Vermont for work for the past two days so nothing exciting going on at all. Later.

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One thought to “Three Days Past and Still Going Strong”

  1. I used to smoke many a year ago. I finally quit for the last time while taking a lifeguarding course up at Binghamton University. My body was so out of shape because of it and I felt like an idiot trying to get in shape and smoking at the same time. The moral of the story is that exercise helps you quit smoking.

    The biggest mistake you can make is to say, “Oh, it’ll be just this one…”

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