Arianna’s Pre-K Graduation

Well that’s it, our kid is officially getting older. We can no longer live in denial. Today was Arianna’s Pre-K graduation from Stepping Stones, where she’s been attending since she was 2 years old. Amazing how fast time flies. I know we parents always say that, but it’s becoming too true. The ceremony was held at nearby Lawrence Farms. All the kids were dressed in cap and gown, with a little cowboy flair. Arianna received an award for most improved! She worked very hard this year and did amazing. Oh, apparently she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Not sure where that came from as she’s always said she wanted to be a policeman, but at least now I know I need to start selling organs to put her through med school if it stays true. Enjoy all the videos of the kids singing! View all the pictures here.

Father’s Day At Arianna’s School

Arianna’s school held another Father’s Day party this year. We were all treated to fancy neckties the kids made, some much needed play time, and a nice clean shave! Arianna and I had fun playing on the playground and eating lunch together. She did a pretty good job giving me a shave too! She also made a book for me, with all the pages hand written by herself. She did an amazing job for me and I can’t wait to make some more room in my office for all this great stuff.

See more pictures here.

WordPress, SSL, And HTTPS Using Let’s Encrypt

With Google search rankings being knocked down for regular HTTP sites, and WordPress announcing that sometime this year features would require HTTPS, I recently decided to look into switching over this website to use SSL. I was cautious at first, since I host my own web server,  but as I dug into it, it wasn’t that difficult to accomplish. As you can see the site’s now live using HTTPS with an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt, a free open certificate authority. I’ve compiled a list of sites I referenced when I was researching this project and figured I would post them for anyone else looking to do the same. For the most part, if you have a web host, all you need to do is request an SSL certificate for your site and change the WordPress address. If you’re like me and run your own LAMP server, then you’ll need to look through a few of these pages on getting Apache configured to use HTTPS and the installs for Let’s Encrypt to automate the certificate install and renewals.

HTTPS for WordPress:

Set up Let’s Encrypt: