No More Smoking

Jamie and I quit as of today.
[claps, applause, cheering, other supportive noise]

Sunday night was our last one, sometime around 6:00 pm or so. No this wasn’t a mother’s day gift, we decided awhile ago that the weekend that school ended we would stop. I am stopping mostly for the wrong reason, but hey the important thing is that I am stopping. I basically can’t afford the $150 a month per person. Yup that’s right $300+ a month down the drain, well more like down my lungs. With the recent gas prices it’s just stupid to continue on such an expensive habit. Also come June 3rd, New York State is increasing the cigarette tax $1.25, bringing it to $2.75 of tax per pack. Right now I pay on average $5 a pack depending on where I get them. That extra $1.25 (if it isn’t more at the store level) is an extra $75 I would have to shell out each month for the both of us. Let’s put this in perspective again. $375….that’s my car payment!! I could pay it off twice as fast when I quit if I wanted. See more here on the cigarette tax increase for New York State.

I’ve quit before cold-turkey so it won’t be an issue for me, but Jamie may need some assistance breaking the urges. I won’t ever pick it back up as long as Jamie doesn’t go back to smoking like last time we attempted to quit. She kept sneaking them in there claiming she had to cut down first (which I will admit she did, but still).

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