Camping In Copake Falls, NY

Two weekends ago Jamie and I went camping with a bunch of friends. We headed up to the Taconic State Park area of Copake Falls, NY. This was the first time I went camping, Jamie has gone before a few times. We had a lot of fun on the trip. I enjoyed hanging around with no cell phone or emails to answer, it was nice to stay out of touch for a whole weekend.

We had to buy everything for this trip. A tent, sleeping bags, etc, etc. Our tent is the red one on the left in the second picture. Its a pretty good sized tent for two people, we had plenty of room to keep everything and more. We got everything discounted because my sister works at Dick’s Sporting Goods, man what a deal!

We all took a hike through the Bash Bish Falls trail which was really cool. Once you go down the large hill to the waterfall area you encounter the trail that takes you across the border into Massachusetts. We went pretty far down the trail but there was still more to go. Almost all the pictures below are of the trail. I couldn’t help myself, just love taking nature pictures.

If you wish to read up more on the campgrounds, here is the link to the NY State Parks website.

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3 thoughts to “Camping In Copake Falls, NY”

  1. I will be camping at Copake Falls in a couple of weeks and would like to know if they sell firewood there. Haven’t found anything online to tell me. Any idea? Thanks.

  2. @Mr. Foteah
    Yes they do sell firewood at the store across from the entrance to the park. It isn’t price too bad but if you don’t mind going for a 10 minute drive there is a Stewart’s that sells wood.

    Also if they are still there, right before the Stewart’s is a house with a ton of firewood in front of it for sale. They filled out trunk with wood for $10.

  3. Stumbled upon this blog post while looking for ANY first-hand review of this campground. I hope to visit this place in the fall with my daughter. Thanks for the pictures and the write up!

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