New Sony HDR-CX200B Camcorder

I recently purchased a new Sony HDR-CX200B camcorder from Amazon to take videos of Arianna. I haven’t been able to use it yet since she isn’t here, but so far a few short videos of the cat running around have come out well. It’s amazing how light and small these things have gotten in the past few years. I have a 32GB SDHC memory card for it coming from Amazon as well. Only cost me $23 for that size so I picked up two of them.

Sony HDR-CX200B

For the money this camcorder works very well. If you want very good quality pictures I would consider getting an actual DSLR or something as this is only 5.3 mega pixels. Hell my two-year old cell phone shoots 8 mega pixels. For video only, this thing is awesome as it shoots in full HD for only $275. Can’t really beat that. The screen is completely touch. Once I test out the full battery and how much recording time for the various settings I’ll really be able to comment on how great it actually is.


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