Fright Fest 2010

Saturday Jamie, Juston, Eric and I went down to Six Flags for Fright Fest. Only us hardcore roller coaster people when this time so it was straight business, no lolly gagging. We barely made time for food.

By some miraculous stroke of luck we got on every single roller coaster that doesn’t suck that they have. I have to say it but the Kingda Ka and its world record for fastest and tallest was pretty awesome. They just need to keep that ride going. When you hit that last little hill to slow you down then it needs to start doing loops and shit to make people puke even more than they do on that ride.

I will say that it’s pretty damn cold going 50mph+ doing loops and shit and dropping 30 stories when it’s only about 40 degrees out. My lips are still chapped and my whole face was red for a day.

Oh and one last thing. I drove so we got there in 2.5hrs, not 5.5hrs like when Eric drives!

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