New Tires For The Truck

It’s time already for me to get some new tires for the truck. 48,000 miles on the factory tires isn’t too shabby considering they are only rated for 60,000 miles. I’ve gotten 2 1/2 years out of these tires, so I don’t feel that bad. The inner tread was pretty low and the outer tread had no spacing left between them so this couldn’t wait any longer. I was hoping to wait for some tax money, but I could barely make turns during the last snow storm. I chose the Yokohama Geloander H/T-S tires for the truck. They were good quality for my price range and received good reviews online. They are actually a best seller over at STS where I got the work done. So far they ride great. No road noise from them at all and they are rated great for highway which is most of my travel. They are still considered off-road, so they match the truck perfectly. Hopefully they still feel great once they break in.

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