New Photos & Pictures For The Apartment

Jess and I decided to use our hoard of Bed Bath and Beyond coupons and get some new picture frames and some decor for the walls of the apartment. Unfortunately all we could find was some picture frames. Their section of pictures and sconces just sucked and was tiny as hell. Not sure what was up with that because the store in Poughkeepsie we went to all the time had a massive selection. Anyway we went over to Michael’s and found some great pictures and frames to go with them. Luckily I noticed that their flyer is all electronic now and they scan the coupons straight off the phone, score!

When we got home we put all the pictures, from my Mom’s family portrait birthday gift, in their frames and placed them around the house. Next we had the fun task of fitting the pictures from Michael’s in the frames we bought as some of the sizes required us to carve out the border matte. After everything was finally said and done they look great. Now off to my parents to borrow the screw gun again and get hanging! Here’s a few shots of the items we framed before they are hung.

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