Captain’s New Toy

This weekend I went to the hardware store and bought the wood and carpet for Captain’s new cat tower. I’ve always wanted to get her one but I cannot justify the $150-$200 they sell for in the stores. I bought one sheet of 1/4″x4’x8′ plywood, two 2″x3″x8′ studs, and a 2’x12′ piece of cheap carpet off the roll. Total cost with tax was just under $35.

Earlier that morning I used Google Sketchup to create the model to exact sizes, a blueprint rather. I know I am a huge nerd. I mean who makes an actual blueprint for a cat tower? I took all the parts and headed over to my parent’s house to use my father’s power tools as I have none in the apartment, nor the space to use them. With my father’s help we were able to construct the entire frame. I went home late that night and connected the box on the side.

This morning I ran out to get one small piece of wood to support the sleeping box on the right as the thinner support wood I used was too flimsy for my liking. After attaching the box, Jess and I added the carpeting. Just need to get some more from the store to cover the poles but all the boxes and bases are covered. So far Captain is enjoying it!

Now I am off to hang those pictures I posted about yesterday and rehang some shelves that were loose.

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