Hiking in Staatsburgh

Yesterday I had to go hiking as part of my Wellness and Fitness class. Not a bad way to spend your class time. It was a beautiful evening and it wasn’t too hot since we started at 6:30pm. I brought Jamie along to keep me company. I want to kick myself for forgetting the camera, but at least I Google mapped the area to show you. I think I may go back again, there was a spot for a picnic at the end of the 2-mile trail with a place for a fire and everything. Also the river is right there so maybe some fishing and skipping rocks.

The trail is between the Norrie Point Environmental Site and Mills Mansion. We took the path that literally follows the river’s edge, which was cool because the water was calm and the setting sun glistened upon the water (AWW so pretty). I enjoy going out for walks, and the trail wasn’t a boring asphalt path through the woods, we took the one that went through the roots and over fallen trees straight through the woods. Most of the class just zipped through it like we were being timed, but Jamie and I stayed back from the crowd and enjoyed the hike. People brought their dogs with them, it was pretty funny seeing these little dogs jump over tree roots and going under fallen limbs.

The blue line is the trail we took. There is an easier paved one through the woods, but where is the fun in that.

Tail between Norrie Point and Mills Mansion

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