Progress on the attic project

This weekend was incredibly eventful at the house. I actually woke up earlier than I do for work both days and did a lot around the house. We cleaned out one side of the attic and painted it with the new colors. We were able to use all the colors on certain areas that we planned out so we got to see what each one looks like. They are pretty nice, I think they will do well being light colors in a small area. The fresh paint just makes everything look so much nicer and cleaner. I mounted the pole for the coat rack and finally patched the whole in the drywall, still need to plaster it though. I primed the new railing we made on the left and boy did that new wood soak up the paint. We went with an interior flat enamel paint that is very low-lustre so it will help reduce glare and shine to hide some of the imperfections in the ceilings. The walls are antique white (light tan/beige color), the trim is going to be that blue color (forget the name) and the railing is brown (also forget the name). I know in the photo the brown looks like the walls but its a nice light brown, kinda looks like the color of hot chocolate or a melted milk chocolate bar. Let us know what you think about the colors.
Attic Painted Left Side 1

Attic Painted Left Side 2

Attic Painted Left Side 3

Attic Painted Left Side 4

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  1. If we could afford them I am sure we would put some in. Unfortunately we have a fuel heating system, but they would help out with some electric and maybe cut out water heating cost.

    We are pretty good on conserving electricity by keeping on only what is necessary, but the heating cost is ridiculous lately. Last fill up we did was over $1,000 and it was maybe 1/2 of one tank I think.

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