Google Chromecast

I recently purchased a Google Chromecast as part of my plan to cut the cable cord. I’m impressed so far on how simple it is to use and the quality it can push across to your TV. Honestly I’ve used it quite a few times already to watch Hulu (free subscription) videos and some Microsoft Virtual Academy webinars.

Although it only uses 720p for tabbed casting, I can barely tell the difference if the video I load in the tab is 1080p. It’s great to see that other apps and sites are starting to add the cast button so that it can cast in full HD. For $35 I honestly can’t see anything wrong with this device. Can’t wait for the Stanley Cup playoffs to be over so I can cancel my TV service. Already have my Amazon Prime for the Instant Video service and my Roku set up. I’ll deal with finding a service like Aereo for the basic cable stations during football season.


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