Sold Some DVDs Online –

I have roughly 400 DVDs just sitting around in boxes and plastic bins. I never pull out a DVD to watch it anymore since I have Netflix. There must be about 5-10 years of dust on these things. This prompted me to sell them online. Found a nice no-hassle website that pays for shipping too. Visit (not a typo, its .co) to sell your DVDs, CDs, and video games online. Just simply put in the barcode and it’s that easy. I sold 83 DVDs for $41. Printed out the label, shipped it off this morning, now I just sit back and wait for the check. Not bad considering most of these DVDs were at least 10 years old if not more. I highly recommend this if you are like me with a bunch of DVDs lying around that you’ll never watch again. Why not get some cash in your pocket for them.

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2 thoughts to “Sold Some DVDs Online –”

  1. I sold zumu 82 cds for 59.15. I got an email from “Devon Cody” at zumu claiming USPS damaged my packages. I asked for pics and recieved one pic of a package-opened-that was not even mine!

    I am currently working with BBB to get my 59.15

    ZUMU is a scam, plain and simple. Use Amazon

  2. Don’t even think about using this company…

    …unless you want to lose your CD/DVD/Video Games and/or have to wait MONTHS for payment, I could go on and on about their poor “customer service” cut/paste answers which blame everything except their company.

    Needless to say, I currently have a BBB complain filed and later today I will be talking with the Office of Michigan Attorney General.

    Next step will be with the FTC, then Apple and Google to get their app removed from store/marketplace, then on to small claims court. Stay tuned!

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