Sold My Old Car Today

So I finally sold my old 2001 Honda Accord this morning. Took it over to Redl’s Auto Parts and they bought it for a cool $475 which isn’t bad since all I wanted to do was get rid of it. It had a few things wrong with it; broken back springs, upper ball joint in the front was shot, cracked bumpers, torn seat, check engine light. It sounds horrible when listing it like that but anyone that saw the car knew I kept it in good shape. It’s what you expect with an 11-year-old car. Surprisingly they gave me more money for keeping the stereo system in the car which was cool because I had no idea how I was gonna sell it on the side. I had the system since I was 17 so I definitely got my money’s worth.

So farewell my Accord, it’s been fun over the years and we definitely had our share of good times. I will miss you, there are things you gave me that the truck never will.

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