Installing Another Sump Pump

Yesterday I had the pleasure of installing another sump pump. This time it was in Eric and Marie’s house. Their basement recently was a little flooded from hurricane Irene so it was time to get this installed as they called for heavy rain in the area. So I grabbed some tools and headed over to help Eric.

I will say I absolutely love the person that invented hammer drills, would never have gotten through the 6″ concrete slab so easily without it. After that we dug down two feet for the pit. What joy was that. Whole freekin thing was rock, I wouldn’t even call what we did digging. It was like mining for slate rock. Pulled out two rocks bigger than my head.

Anyway, after the fun rock mining we installed the pit and tested the pump. Everything worked well, so bring on the rain! Project wasn’t so bad, it only took 6 hours.

P.S. I am never digging a hole on Eric’s property again. Stupid rock mining bullcrap. Lol.

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