Call Of The Dead Paradise Easter Egg

We’ve been somewhat attempting to do the Call of the Dead Paradise easter egg in Call of Duty. Juston, Matt and I set out to actually try last night and do it. We did everything except the last step of actually giving them the golden rod because we got killed by zombies. But now that we know how to do it I’m going to post some good videos I found of each step to try and make someone’s life easier. I’ll just post links, don’t need to put all 7 videos on here.

Step 1 – Install the fuse

Step 2 – Destroy the generators

Step 3 – Get the vodka

Step 4 – Lighthouse dials (if you get stuck, check out

Step 5 – Radios and Levers

Step 6 – Fog horns

Step 7 – Golden rod

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