Damnit They Finally Caught Me

A few months ago Matthew’s emblem for Call of Duty Black Ops was banned. Shortly after Juston’s was banned. Well they finally caught up to me.

It’s really annoying because you think they would put a disclaimer or warning when you enter the playercard area to create the emblem. Their rules aren’t anywhere on the disc that I can see.

Well since I was pissed I went to their website and searched for it. Here is what their rules are:

Offensive Emblems
Users who create emblems that are sexually gratuitous or racially offensive.

  • Minor offense: 2-week ban from using the emblem editor, emblem reset to default, emblem purchases wiped
  • Major offense: Permanent ban from using the emblem editor

Guess I only fell into the first category. Guess I’ll have to make the next one even worse. Fuck Treyarch, it’s a fucking video game assholes. Your game sucks by the way, Infinity Ward is 1000 times better than you.

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8 thoughts to “Damnit They Finally Caught Me”

  1. hahaha!!

    This is the best installment of CoD yet. What are you getting out of being obnoxious with your emblem? Some people make really funny or cool ones. Use it as a way to be creative instead of a jackass.

  2. ya joe’s right treyarch fucking sucks dick. black ops is a fuckin fail, i bet if infinite ward created that shit the it would own. fuck treyarch and black ops. wasted my fuckin money on that shit.

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