Weekend Trip Up North

Friday Jamie and I left for a weekend vacation with Eric, Marie, and Matthew to their Aunt’s house up north in the Adirondacks. We had some fun stuff planned to do even more North, but I’ll stick to just the general topic for this post.

The trip up was fun, took some back way almost the entire way where all I could think of was alien abduction and horror movies. Each farm I passed all I kept thinking of was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There was some funny walkie-talkie chatter going on between cars I tell you!

So we arrived just before dark, enough time to get the initial layout of Lisa and Gordon’s house and set up the tent in the garage. Thank god for that garage because it was soaking wet up there and it poured each night. Matthew slept in his Honda Element for the first time which was interesting. We went for a nice night walk around some of the trails in the back of their property, saw some really nice views even though it was dark. Moonlight up there is amazing compared to the city.

Next morning we had some good breakfast and headed out to Ausable Chasm (next post). After the long drive there and back we had some dinner and just hung around for a bit then went to Lake George for some shopping, mini golf and of course, ice cream. Sunday morning we went out for breakfast and then headed to the Natural Stone Bridge and Caves (another post coming). After that we went pretty much only had time to pack up and head out.

The weekend was great. I really enjoyed the site seeing and being away from everything. Had zero reception up there which was nice for a change, no work emails to read.

Enjoy some pictures from their house and stay tuned for those two additional posts!

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