Up & Coming Events

I haven’t had anything to post about in the past few months and it’s starting to bug me! Unfortunately that means that I haven’t done anything besides the normal which saddens me even more.

Luckily there is plenty coming up for me to post about. Now I just need to make notes to ensure I remember to post about them, like the Christmas post that I still haven’t compiled yet.

Lets see we have a part to go to in early February, Valentine’s Day, Jamie and a friend’s birthday on the same day, soon after my birthday, a hockey game, and the start of the MLS season which we have season tickets for!

On the birthday subject, Jamie and our friend Missy having the same birth date is pretty funny, no one actually ever realized it until a few days ago so it should be fun come that weekend celebrating both.

So yeah, here’s just a little reminder for me what to post about and a hint for what you will be reading next, enjoy.

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