Joe And Jamie’s Blog Has Gone Mobile

I finally sat down and figured out how to make Joe and Jamie’s Blog look better for mobile readers. Well it turns out there are simple plugins out there that take all of two seconds to install and voila, mobile-fied.

So why did I put it towards the bottom of the list for a rainy day? Not sure, guess I thought it would take hours of work.

I decided to to add mobile capabilities because sadly I am on my BlackBerry as much as my computer, if not more. So now you all have even less of an excuse to read this blog, you can do so anywhere you get a signal.

Just go to the blog on your cell phone as you would normally, but this time it will detect you’re on a mobile browser and arrange the blog into a readable format that’s easy on the eyes and easy to navigate. Nothing fancy needs to be done. Try it out, maybe you’ll find it more convenient and stop by more often.

If you have a WordPress blog and are interested in this plugin, you can check it out here. I chose to use WordPress Mobile Edition. You can’t customize the theme too much and there isn’t many options, but it works really well with pictures and links. Another one is WordPress Mobile Pack, which you can customize the crap out of it (colors, sidebars, etc), but it didn’t display links correctly so I scrapped that one.

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3 thoughts to “Joe And Jamie’s Blog Has Gone Mobile”

  1. @James Pearce
    If I can remember, I believe any link inside a post displayed all the html around the link. It may have also been navigation links like go back or next post. Besides that it was a great plugin, loved the fact that I could modify it easily and the different color choices. I see there is a new version out, I may have to reactivate it and see how it works.

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