Stock Car Racing Experience At Pocono Raceway

I finally got to cash in my birthday present on Monday. My parents purchased a 20 Mile Super Speedway Program, part of the Stock Car Racing Experience at Pocono Raceway. This program allows me to drive a 600hp stock car around the 2.5 mile Super Speedway for 8 laps, reaching speeds over 160MPH.

When my father booked it he got a free 3-lap ride-along for free, so we gave that to Jamie. She got to ride in a car with an instructor who went around 170MPH for 3 laps. She thought it was awesome and crazy fast. Around the first turn she thought she was going to slam into the wall.

Now I spent around an hour in class watching videos on safety, the track, and how to operate the car. We took a test run in a big van around the track so we could see all the markers we saw on the videos. After getting fitted in the racing fire suit and helmet, I waited my turn to strap in and drive one of those puppies. Well over an hour went by and of course, I was the last person to go. Not fun waiting in 90 degree heat and sun in a fire suit. Anyway, it was absolutely awesome to drive. It’s amazing how much damn power they have. The turns felt sketchy the first few laps, but I got used to them after awhile. I got up to around 8500 RPMs, which is over 160MPH, just amazingly awesome. Needless to say this is probably the best gift I’ve gotten so far, even trumps my first laptop and Xbox.

Click here for more information on the stock car that I drove.
Click here for more information on the driving programs they offer.

Enjoy the videos and pictures from the day.

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4 thoughts to “Stock Car Racing Experience At Pocono Raceway”

  1. @Marie Roe
    It was awesome, it’s amazing how much power those things have. It really is a cool gift.

    Drawbacks would be the price (something like $600) and the fact that its only 8 laps around. Don’t get me wrong 8 laps isn’t that short and is great and really fun, but at the end of it you of course want more because the adrenaline is pumping.

    Pros are the fact that its a stock car and you probably won’t ever own one or get another opportunity to drive one. It’s fast, loud, and exactly what every guy likes. I won’t ever forget doing this, one of my biggest highlights. I’m saving up to send my fater to do it sometime next year.

  2. @Marie Roe
    Ahhh I see.

    The ride looks like fun. The biggest issue I had was slowing down in the corners because I left like I was going to lose control. The instructors that do the driving do it every day so they are really good and go faster than any student can, something like over 170mph.

    The only thing I didn’t like that they don’t tell you is that leaving the pit area is part of lap one and coming back into the pits is part of the last lap, so it’s not 3 laps at full speed around. If you can squeeze it in there I think the 6 lap program is better, but you still get the rush with the 3 lap.

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