Another Accident With the Acura

With all the excitement of storms, Christmas, and fooling around with this blog I almost forgot to mention the car accident. Nothing major, so don’t fret.

Jamie was rear ended (again) in the Acura. Maybe that small car just has a sign on the back bumper that says hit me or something. I don’t have a post of the first time this happened, it was before this blog started. The first time Jamie was sitting at a light and someone on their cell phone didn’t notice traffic was stopped and ran right into her. This time it was unfortunate for both Jamie and the other car. Some idiot in the center lane of a three lane road crossed over the left lane into a parking lot without signaling, cutting off Jamie to the point where she had to slam on the brakes and come to a full stop and barely avoided him/her. Sadly the lady behind Jamie didn’t have as great of breaks/reaction time and hit Jamie. To me it was no one but that idiots fault, but he/she kept on driving and wasn’t found. Now the car is in the shop awaiting to be fixed again.

As you can see the damage isn’t that bad, but what sucks is that it bent the exhaust forward, so that has to be replaced as well. All you see in the picture is the muffler tip being bent, but it really jammed the whole exhaust pipe forward. Oh well, guess we’re getting our money’s worth out of the insurance.

Bumper and exchaust damage
Bumper and exchaust damage
More bumper damage
More bumper damage

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