New Picture Gallery

Way back in October I told everyone in this post that I was creating a new website for Well I finally got around to doing it…somewhat. The previous post talks about getting the URL of the blog updated and changed. That was step one. Step two is the picture gallery, which I have set up and configured. I just have the grueling task of putting descriptions on the categories and the pictures, as well as updating the naming structure (maybe) of the files , uploading all of the files which takes days, AND looking at each picture, rotating the ones that need to be rotated. Doesn’t that just sound like fun? Easy, but horribly redundant and boring work. Gee I wonder why I put it off for so long…..

So the picture gallery is there for you to look at, along with the simple main page to the site with a choice to the blog or the gallery. Go to and choose either site to enjoy.