End of Spring Semester

Today I took my last final of this semester. I am glad it’s finally over and I can get back to my normal life and have time to myself. No more bull crap essays and assignments where I learn nothing until the end of August.

Since I am going for two degrees I have to take two more bogus classes in Science and what they call a transfer class. To take the easy road out, I took intro to Chemistry which I already took in 9th grade and passed with flying colors, and for the transfer class I chose General Algebra. Yes, read it again algebra. Not advanced but regular old x+2=4 what is x? kind of stuff. I can’t believe it’s a college level class. How can you get to college and not know algebra??? Not to show off but I was doing calculus in 11th grade and was doing pre-algebra in 4th grade. I can’t wait to see how dumb everyone else in class is, it’s my only enjoyment out of taking bull crap classes.

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2 thoughts to “End of Spring Semester”

  1. Just to let you know, the X above =2. How hot am I?

    I must say, I wasn’t the best math student for a good long time. Then, in college, something clicked and I started getting A’s. I couldn’t believe it. For me, I need the right teacher. If they have an accent, I fail the class. Weird.

  2. Jay, you made it to my top 10 smartest people I know with solving that equation.

    There are certain things about a teacher that get me to pay attention and not fall asleep. If the teacher is one that stands there and clicks through a powerpoint I just tend to nod off. If the teacher moves around the room and annunciates certain words to keep you awake then I tend to at least pay attention but still not really listen.

    My last English teacher was great. His overall demeanor was exactly what I needed to keep myself from jumping out the window. As much as I hated the class he made it enjoyable and tolerable to the point where I actually shook his hand on the last day and said “Thanks for being a good teacher and making this not boring, otherwise I would have just slept every class.”

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