Soccer filled Sunday

This sunday was the EHWSL’s 2nd Annual Shamrock Tournament. For those of you who don’t know, Jamie is on the board and plays soccer for them. This was the second Tournament that they held indoor at the Gold’s Gym on Titusville Rd in Poughkeepsie, aka The Net. Jamie started playing for EHWSL right after the first tournament, so for us this Sunday was something new. Jamie played all day from 1:00 to 9:00, I don’t know how she and the other girls did it, I would have been dead after 3 hours. Since I am such a nice guy (aka sucker), I was in charge of the scoreboard on one of the three fields throughout the tournament. I would have been bored just sitting there, plus I love helping out this organization, so that’s why I did it. So if you are reading this Amanda (head cheese of the EHWSL), stop saying sorry, I had fun!

Jamie’s team didn’t do so swell in the women’s open competitive division, I believe they were 1-4 with the 1 win being because the other team didn’t show up! It was great time though, all the players from the outdoor league came to play for this tournament, so it was good seeing people that we haven’t seen since December. Jamie also played in a co-ed division after her open division was complete. Her co-ed team technically tied for first in points being 4-1, but since the only team they lost to was the team that tied them in points, Jamie’s team came in second.

Throughout the winter Jamie plays against/with most of the EHWSL players at The Net to keep them occupied until the spring when the outdoor EHWSL season starts. Jamie is captain of the Black Diamonds. You can view her regular teams indoor stats here. You can find out more information about the EHWSL by clicking the banner on the right. Myself and my company sponsor the EHWSL because it is a great organization and needs all the help it can get to provide women in the area with the only soccer league available in the area. The closet ones are Long Island, but there may be one in Westchester that recently formed.

I stupidly didn’t take my camera, so no photos yet. I am hoping that I will eventually get some from people that are there and revisit this post to display them.

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