Blog looking good – website ideas formulating

I really like how the blog is coming along. I added more plugins today and added myself to feedburner. I found out easier ways to get the sidebar the way I want it, all thanks to Paul over at the Homeowner’s Blog. Paul showed me very cool and useful plugins plus how to use them. It’s all thanks to him that I am still up tonight playing around with them!

As for the websites that I still dream of creating, I was given some helpful hints by Paul and Jay over at the Gaulard Blog. I bought some domain names a few weeks ago in hopes to start some affiliate sites using Amazon and Newegg. I always put this off since I thought it would cost too much to get into and run, as well as take many hours to configure and maintain. Paul and Jay gave me a site where I can just purchase the code for a year and make as many Amazon affiliate sites as I want, making it very simple to set up. Now all I have to do is find time to put everything together.

Once again, THANKS Paul and Jay, great advice today.

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