99% complete

Wow, besides pushing everything else to the side and getting no sleep since Saturday, the blog is finished and I am very happy. All I have left to do is draw people to it and change the header background images. Jamie and I were discussing what to put on there and we both want to keep the same color schemes. I think we should take different aspects of our life and make each color one of them. For instance she plays soccer and I love computers, so green for the soccer field with a few balls and a net, and maybe orange or blue for me with laptop floating around or network wires, I don’t know. We’re open for any suggestions at this point.

Anyone want to buy me the latest photoshop?? I’m working with version 6 and it sucks.

Well I should be doing that English paper now, but its time to switch the laundry over so yet another thing pushes the paper to the side. I have a test tomorrow too, can’t wait for that after working all day.

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