My 30th Birthday

Sunday was my birthday and I turned 30. No big shock, had to happen eventually. I’ve felt old for quite some time now, (queue the laughs from older people) but apparently that is what children do to you. I will have to say the best part about the day was getting to blow out the candles with Arianna. She just makes everything better. I have to give a gigantic thank you to Jess for making the day awesome. She got the whole family together for dinner to celebrate. Thanks to my parents for watching Arianna the night before to give us some time to sleep too. My card from Arianna was the best. Apparently they kept trying to get her to say Happy Birthday Daddy, but it just came out Happy Cake each time. Love it!. Now for my gift. I can’t thank everyone enough for getting me the cap to my truck! Woohoo! It cost a lot and I want to yell at you all, but truly, thank you so much!