It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

The second helping of Thanksgiving is now digesting so it’s time for getting into the Christmas spirit. Since I had a nice long weekend, we decided to clean up a bit and start decorating early this year. Friday we hung all the stocking and some snowflake lights around the apartment. Threw the wreath up on the door and a few other decorations on the walls. Saturday we went out in search of more snowflake lights to make them go around the apartment. While we were out we decided to pick up our tree early this year. I figured since we are going away right before Christmas we should get it now to enjoy it longer. We got a beautiful tree from Lowe’s for only $20. Couldn’t believe how full and perfect it was for that price. We lugged it back to the apartment, trimmed it up, and decorated it tonight. I think it looks pretty good! Now off to the stores tomorrow to try to get some small shopping done before I have to head back to work Monday.

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