Dutchess County Fair

Sunday we all went to the Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck, NY. This was Arianna’s first time at the fair. Last year she was still growing inside Jess, making her feel wonderful walking around in the heat (love ya babe). I was more excited to see Arianna’s reaction to everything than the milkshakes and food I was waiting to have. She was a little curious at first of all the animals but settled right in to pet all the sheep, goats, cows, etc. Grandpa took her on her first carousel ride. She liked the ride when it wasn’t moving and looked like she was going to hurl at any second as it was going around. Jess and I took her on a little train ride. She probably would have liked it if she wasn’t overly exhausted. Click for photos or enjoy our videos below!

Click here for fair photos

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