Turtles McNasty

I was attempting to leave my apartment the other day when this turtle decided to come out of the woods and onto the road. I stopped to check him out and take some pictures, but then I realized a lot of stupid people live around me and they would probably run him over. I tried to do the right thing and pick him up and move him, but boy was he nasty. Grunted and lunged at me the entire time. I had to go get the tarp out of the truck to try and wrap him in it, because there was no way he wasn’t going to jump out of my hands. I eventually got him across the road, but right before I put him in the grass he decided to jump out and tumble a few times. I patted him on the shell to ensure he wasn’t brain dead, in which I was greeted with one last grunt. That is why I named him Turtles McNasty. Hope he enjoyed the other side of the road, ungrateful turtle!

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