Maybe I Should Start Christmas Shopping?

I used to have all of my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving. Lately I barely even make it in time for Christmas. At this point I can’t even buy stuff online without paying an ass-load for shipping. I have one gift so far to give out, and it’s not even for Jess. Man this weekend is going to suck. I hate the mall on a normal day. I loathe the parking lot during this time of the year when every moron that cannot park or even obey road signs is out. Grandma in her 1972 station wagon/boat trying to fit into a spot that a Smart Car would have issues with. The whole scene is a nightmare that makes we want to just implode. If you don’t get a gift from me this year my apologies in advance, but you probably saved a random idiots life in the process. That and the fact that I just had a daughter 3 weeks ago and haven’t had time to vacuum, let alone shop.

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3 thoughts to “Maybe I Should Start Christmas Shopping?”

  1. Going to avoid that even more now, guys are fucking stupid when it comes to shopping and sometimes worse than women. Half of us go in knowing what we want and get right the hell out. The rest fumble around and have no idea what they are doing because they are completely lost without their wives. Women are just annoying because they look at EVERYTHING and take forever, well most women anyway. I got lucky since Jess loves to buy stuff but hates the shopping experience, so we’re out of the store quickly.

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