Testing Out Windows 8

I’m making the leap to Windows 8 right now on my work laptop. Hope I don’t regret this. Guess I really should be on top of the new stuff to support my clients better. I’m sure I will complain for a while and call it stupid, but I’m sure I did that with Windows 7 which I came to love. I will do a follow up in a few weeks after playing with the operating system.



[UPDATE 12-10-2012] It has been only a few days but I am getting used to the new OS. I knew it wouldn’t take long if I just gave it a shot. Heck, it’s not like Microsoft is going to recall it. The metro UI is horribly annoying if you don’t have a tablet, but honestly you don’t have to use it. Once I login, I have the left monitor switch to desktop mode and I just work from there. The only time I touch the horrible start screen is if I don’t have a shortcut to an application on my desktop or in my taskbar. So if you are an average computer user, don’t be scared. If you are someone like myself that dabbles in the crap behind the scenes on a daily basis, give it a little bit more time. All the management functions aren’t backwards compatible so it gets annoying trying to manage older environments.

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