Just Bought A Samsung Chromebook

I have been bouncing back and forth between buying a regular laptop, a Chromebook, or a tablet. I just cannot stand not being able to use a laptop without having it plugged in, or having it overheat after being on for 5 minutes, or having to reset the clock every time I use it so websites will actually load. Oh and don’t forget that a scientific calculator works faster than these old paperweights.

I finally narrowed it down between the Samsung Chromebook and the Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ tablet. I tend to lean away from tablets as there are times that I would really rather have a keyboard. It would be pretty hard to navigate around a server or type a very long blog on the tablet. Well not so much hard as annoying really. But I do like the touch screen feel of the tablet and the ability to use some pretty cool apps. I ultimately chose the Chromebook because while I lose the touch screen and apps, I gain a keyboard and a fully functioning laptop that does everything I want it to.

Now there are some exceptions to the Chromebook. It isn’t the same as a regular laptop. It doesn’t boot Windows, Mac, or even Linux. It runs Google’s Chrome operating system and is completely cloud and internet based. No programs to install or anything. Everything runs in the Chrome browser. Okay if you want to get technical it runs a modified Linux but you still cannot do anything outside the browser. This will work for me as everything I want to do from my couch is internet related. I either watch some videos, pay some bills online, posts some blogs, or remote into a server at work, all of which I can do with a thin, light, laptop with a keyboard.

I pre-ordered my Samsung Chromebook from Amazon. Only $249 with free shipping. You have no idea how much I cannot wait to get this. Next up is getting rid of this piece of crap cell phone…

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