Decorated Arianna’s Wall

All the fun stickers and wall vinyls were delivered Friday, just in time to get them installed before the baby shower. I had Juston come over and help me put up the border and other items. These came out so well! Not only are they really nice and high quality, but they were very easy to install. Just simply peel and stick. Oh wait that cow is crooked, no problem just peel and re-stick without loss of stickiness. I cannot wait until we get our house to decorate even more with these decals. I suggest everyone check out RoomMates Wall Decals for their next home project. They go way beyond kids stuff and have really cool items for each room in the house. Way better than wall paper or trying to paint some design on the wall.

We purchased a custom name vinyl for her name. Big shout out to Wheeler3Designs for making an excellent name vinyl. The lettering was lovely, color was just right, and there were no issues at all! Shipped fast and very reasonably priced! Best way to order is just searching on for that name and ordering through there.

The last photo is some wall decals we received as a gift that we decided to place near the changing table with a smaller name vinyl. We figured she’ll be spending enough time there that it could be decorated too.

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