NY Red Bulls vs. Portland Timbers

I finally made it to another Red Bulls game yesterday. It has felt like months since I last saw them play. So many scheduling conflicts and games being at 1pm during the week and shit like that. Jess, Matthew, Juston, and I hopped in the car and headed down to the game. Got stuck in horrible traffic for the entire ride down the thruway. Luckily Jess kept her cool and didn’t cause stress induced labor.¬†We made it to the game in time and luckily attendance was a little low which made the day even better. I like being able to move around and actually get beer, food, or pee without having to wait 45 minutes and miss an entire half.

The Red Bulls played like they usually do in the first half, crappy. They let Portland score 2 goals on them before they started to actually play. I swear it looked like they all had a nap right before they came out there. Finally the Red Bulls coach decided to get off his ass and actually communicate with his players as well as make a substitution. This guy always looks like he does nothing. Just sits in the chair with his arms crossed and doesn’t do shit even after a bad play. Just expects his players to figure out what they are doing wrong themselves. Don’t get me wrong, he actually must know what he is doing since the Red Bulls have been a contention team since he took over, but every other coach jumps around and yells at their players. I don’t know, maybe just not his thing. The Red Bulls were able to pull off 2 goals to tie the game before half. In the third we were able to get a late goal, which I missed while walking up the stairs from the bathroom, and win the game 3-2.

Game stats and recap here.

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