We Named Our Little Peanut

Exciting news! Jess and I have picked a name for our little peanut! Well, I guess I finally stopped stalling and agreed on a name. I spent a while switching between two names and finally picked one. I kept playing parenting scenarios in my head where I would be calling her name until I had the one that I liked the most, considering I am sure I will be yelling it out at some point quite often. Jess actually settled on this name month ago and has been waiting for me to finish percolating.

So without further ado, our little peanut will be named Arianna Mackenzie Hannigan.

Like it, love it, hate it, whatever your heart desires. All that matters is what we love it! If anyone of you reading this truly knows me, I love this name for many other reasons. Two of the main things are that all three names have three syllables and each initial is perfectly symmetrical. That is just amazing and oddly, completely not on purpose. You would think I considered that but I didn’t even realize it until a week ago.

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