This Cat Needs Her Junk Removed Now!

Sorry Captain but your lady hood needs to go! No more constant moaning around the house because you want to get laid. I’m a guy so yeah, I understand, but you don’t hear me meowing for hours on end about it. It’ll be best for both of us, trust me. It’s actually healthy for you.

Look at me writing like the cat is at home on the computer reading this. I wish! The whole point of this post is to just say that I recently found out the SPCA does spay/neuter for really cheap. I always knew they did it but thought it was only if you adopt from there, which apparently is not the case. Of course I would prefer her regular veterinarian to do it, but they want $230 for the procedure and the SPCA is only $65. With a kid on the way it’s a no-brainer to get it done at the SPCA.

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