Joe 1 Captain 0

Well since a certain cat likes to escape the room by climbing my TV and breaking through my barrier, I spent most of my night tonight moving my TV stand away from the cubby and building a door so she really can’t get out.

So take that houdini cat, I figured out your move little furball. Try and get out of this now!


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One thought to “Joe 1 Captain 0”

  1. Last Mothers Day my sister and I adopted a kitten for my mom. He is CRAZY!!! He reminds me so much of Archie. He climbs and jumps onto whatever he can…until he jumped off this kitchen cart that my mom has, which is almost as high as the ceiling and he hurt his leg, had to be taken to the emergency vet and has not been back on it since! Same thing with Archie once, he jump off my snow globe cabinet and bruised his leg good and never jumped back on it again. I think that sometimes it just takes them getting hurt before the stop.

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