BBQ With A Side Of Meat Pie

Ah finally had a really good weekend. Surrounded by friends and just relaxed and had fun. Threw a BBQ Sunday after preparing my meat all evening Saturday, making that special sauce.

Had a few special guests, awesome they came out for some beer pong and bbq. Looking forward to doing it again in 2 weeks when I get paid again lol.

Highlight of the night besides a cripple Eric winning beer pong from a freeking chair 3 times in a row was Matt’s meat pie. Idea derived straight from EpicMealTime and the wonderful shit they do. I will have to say, it was delicious. Damn thing almost didn’t survive the night. You got your bottom crust made of ground beef, cut up steak for the innards, smother everything in my special sauce, top it with cheese, layer on that bacon weave for the top crust. Bam, Matty Meety Pie.

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