House Shopping

Ok so I’ve been meaning to move our for awhile now and Juston is finally on pace with me now. We looked at one house on Tuesday and now have some other listings from the broker of places in the area. We’re looking to get the hell out of Poughkeepsie and have more room to breathe. We have some good places to look at in our price range over in Hyde Park that are really nice. I took a drive by them today to see the area and what they looked like in person. Next week we’re going to visit some more and get to look around inside. Should be good. Can’t wait to see what the bank says as well for what we can afford. I’m pretty sure we both can get a house on our own so I’m not even worried about getting approved with me co-signing.

As it narrows down to a few houses I’ll post some pictures. Right now it’s pointless to post them all.

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  1. Your head will spin! I’ve been telling Juston some things that prob he wouldnt find out until going through everything.

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