Droid Thunderbolt

So my new phone came in yesterday. Spent all night hooking it up. Figured I would give it a full days worth of using it before I wrote this post.

Compared to my old blackberry this thing is a spaceship. Now I was using Eric’s Droid for a bit so I got used to Android. The thunderbolt easily blows this phone out of the water. The screen resolution and color is amazing. The speed is flawless so far. Apps load instantly and there isn’t any delay in switching screens either like the Droid.

Only problem I can see down the road is the battery as it gets old. Now I don’t call a lot so right now the battery lasts about a day and a half almost. That’s enough for me and not that big of a problem as I charge it at work all day. The other slight thing that bothers me is while using the kickstand for watching movies you can’t charge the phone. More of a slight design flaw than anything else.

I haven’t gotten around to using the front facing camera to chat yet. I’m planning on testing that with George tomorrow since he has a thunderbolt too.

Now the question is do I root it already or not…

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