I Absolutely Hate Jury Duty

For those of you who have been around me when I get one of those letters in the mail for jury duty you know the 1/2hr long curse-infested rant that I give off.

Well guess what I got in the mail, a nice FEDERAL jury notice. God I fucking hate that more than the damn local one. Check this shit out, they want me to travel to White Plains, 60 miles one way, each day for up until a month, AND pay for my own parking? FUCK YOU!!!!

What’s even better is that I’de have to use all my damn vacation time at work, FUCK YOU again. Oh yeah and will they match my salary? Nope, would get paid shit wages which means I cannot afford my bills.

So here’s the rundown of why there is no way in hell I’ll ever go.

Fucking none, give the damn jobs to the millions unemployed dumbasses.

1. Paying to drive double the distance I usually drive to work every day – Fuck that they don’t pay my Mobil bill.
2. Paying to park in White Plains, that’s gotta be like $10 a day if not more – Fuck that I don’t pay shit for parking or have the cash
3. Use all my vacation time or get paid minimum wage and reimbursed probably about 4 months later the way this state does shit – Fuck that I’m not down for either. I earned my vacation time and sure as hell cannot live off $7.50/hr or whatever the fuck it is now. Oh and not paying me on my normal pay schedule really helps…..dicks.
4. Having to sit there for hours and try not to fall asleep which will be fucking impossible – No way I won’t nod off after 20 minutes of listening to boring lawyer talk with fancy words I have no clue about nor any interest in learning. Why the hell do we have this system again? 90% of the people on a jury probably don’t know 75% of the shit that’s going on in front of them anyway.
5. Having to fucking sit there and be told when I can pee or eat –  Yeah this is great. I’m fucking 5 again and get told when I am hungry and when I’m allowed to use the restroom.
6. Driving down to White Plains – I don’t know about you but I’ve had clients down there before. It fucking sucks to drive down there, especially in the morning, and especially right in the middle of the fucking city where the courthouse is.

Phew, got most of it out. God damn I hate this state and this country and their fucking retarded rules. Change them, it’s been 230 fucking years dumbasses.

Oh and when I don’t respond anyone got a house I can stay at until they stop looking for my ass?

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10 thoughts to “I Absolutely Hate Jury Duty”

  1. Oh boy.. When do they want you to go to this?

    I’ve never gotten a jury duty. Do they tell you anything about the case or what its about in the mail or you gotta go there to find out?

  2. Missy,
    I would have to go April 4th, same day new guy starts at work and a big project I have too. Not gonna happen.

    They don’t tell you anything because you go to juror selection first.

  3. Well they can forget about it then! lol

    For your situation I can see how much it would suck but I always thought it would be kinda interesting.. I guess depends on what type of case it is and if its not a total inconvenience.

    I think since I know a lot more about laws/courts all that crap from my Bus Law class I think its much more interesting.

  4. Joe:
    I hear ‘ya, man…
    I just got my FOURTH call for jury duty in a dozen years (Allen county, IN).

    Haven’t had to serve YET, but these morons just DO NOT take the damn hint!
    EVERY, single time I mention on the stupid questionaire that:
    A) I was part of a POLICE FAMILY (back in Philly)
    B) I DID know someone that filed suit against an insurance company
    (who makes these questions up?)
    C) I am VERY bias when it comes to breaking the law, because I have NOT. (58 yrs old and not ONE arrest – that should say something)
    D) No one at the courthouse bothered to check my LAST 3 forms for the SAME answers.
    E) The last time I went for a child-abuse case…sat there with a disgusted look on my face during the selection process. The attorney asked me a few questions, and I told him outright, that I had NO PITY for ANYONE accused or committing ANY form of child abuse. THAT got me excused immediately.

    But STILL these idiots persist in calling me D./T, wasting MY $$$ and MY time.
    They can keep that $15 check, and I plan to tear it up and mail it BACK to them when they send it out.
    MY life is worth more to me than they could ever pay…period.

    Go grab the welfare baby-mamas, the lazy-asses and the homeless and pay THEM for all the free stuff they get from the taxpayers.
    Might do ’em all some good.

    Excellent post, Joe.
    You “get it”.


  5. @ Bob G.,
    THANK YOU. Finally someone else that agrees with me! Good to know I’m not the only one left with 1/2 a brain. By far the best comment on this site yet!

  6. You’re absolutely right sir. If the government wants someone to serve on cases, then let the judges get off their buts and judge them themselves. Afterall, that’s what tax payers pay them for, and that’s why they’re called judges. They wanna talk about doing civic duty? I work as a camp counselor during the summer, when I’m not in school, and to me, that’s my civic duty; because I’m helping little children, who otherwise don’t get the chance to explore nature, and enjoy other experiences of life, due to their disabilities. I can’t go into a long description here, but trust me when I say, that in my job, my fellow coworkers and I do make a positive difference in the lives of many children in our community. I’d rather do that, than sit in some courtroom, listening to two lawyers babble back and forth about some jerk’s guilt or inocence. As far as I’m concerned, the Government can take their so-called justice system, and shove it. If the criminal in question was inocent, they wouldn’t be there in the first place, wasting everybody’s time. Well that’s my rant, didn’t mean to make it so long.

  7. I completely agree with you Joe. I hate jury duty! It makes me so f n mad that they force you to do it,… you better come in for jury duty or we will punish you….uuhh excuse me, how is this my f n problem f nuts, go f yourself and leave me the f alone! I dont get it, how is this still applicable in this day and age,… I have s to do, I dont have time for this b s, that has nothing to do with me other than the f ing law saying that I have to show up. Do I call the judge and say hey you have to come to my house and judge this person because he might be breaking the law, .. no I dont, thats stupid! Thats not his job to come to my house to judge someone, so why should I have to go to his house to judge someone for something that is not my f ing problem. This sucks so much ass, I cant stand this s. Wheres the FREEDOM??? It should be a choice if you want to serve as a juror, nothing more nothing less!!!!!!!!!!

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