Poconos Vacation

Got back from the Poconos yesterday and boy I am just in a lazy ass mood. Been chillin all week relaxing and drinking and I’m surprised I’m not sleeping all day today.

Was exactly what I needed for the most part, just a long period away from everything. Could’ve done without the slight drama at the end of the trip, but all-in-all it was a great getaway.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures because Kelly’s camera stopped working when we got there. It was fun going wine tasting finally, great choice for something to do. Finally found around what type of wine I like plus got a nice little tour of the facility. Pool/hot tub in the winter is always fun too.

Thanks for the invite Kelly, I enjoyed the trip a lot. Hailey, you are just too much fun to be around! An my wingman Juston came along, still can’t believe we lost twice in beer pong, wtf!?!

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