Snow Tubing

Despite the hangover from New Years I trekked out with a bunch of friends to brunch over at Shadows. Man was the food good, glad I didn’t miss it. After stuffing my face we geared up and headed to Hunter Mountain for some snow tubing. Weather was starting to get crappy but it never rained and we had a great time. Can’t wait till next year, looks like this could turn into an awesome tradition. You know, get drunk, wake up, eat food, go snow tubing. Don’t think the weekend could have gone better. Well actually it could have if Jamie came. Really wished she came but I understand why she didn’t.

Anyway, gotta get the pictures from Matthew and I’ll update the post later on. Also have some nice videos of Kinect Dance Central from New Years that I have to parse and throw up here.

Click here for snow tubing info.

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