What Does This Say?

What does that say?

Can you read that number?

It’s not 30, or 35, and isn’t 40 either. But apparently for my entire trip home that number 45 magically was turned into 35 for some moron four cars in front of me. I’m just starting to think I’m the dumb mother fucker that isn’t reading the number correctly.

You know what happens when your the idiot up front on a one lane road going 35mph? You get 35 pissed off people lined up behind you that just got off of work and wanting to get home, that’s what. One of these days I’m going to buy my $35 truck and ram your dumbass off the road 35 fucking times.


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One thought to “What Does This Say?”

  1. Breathe Joe Breathe!!!

    Inhale… Exhale… lol

    I could never drive to work more than half an hour every day. I would get so stressed! My dad has been driving 50+ mins for like 30 years and you and Eric drive 40, I would always be in such a bad mood on the way home lol

    Maybe you should do some yoga when you get home!

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