Complaint: New York State Vehicle Registration Renewal

I apologize in advance but this really bugged me today…

Received my vehicle registration in the mail today, not really too excited over it. I have a very small two door car that weighs 3000lbs. Two years ago it cost me $40 to renew its registration. Guess how much it costs this year? $110!

You have to be kidding me, almost triples in two years?!?!?!?!? I guess we can all thank Gov. Paterson for this bullcrap. I love the $10 Use Tax on it. WTF is use tax? I can’t wait until Jamie’s car has to be renewed in a few months and that special new plate fee crap will be added on to it, freekin’ ridiculous.

So bottom line is that New York State and all its mighty loves to suck the crap out of us little people so idiots in government can get a bonus at the end of the year, one that they get to give themselves…isn’t that great…

Oh yeah and I know he can’t read this small of print but I’m going to type it anyway, [email protected]%K Paterson. Can’t wait to see how much he loses by at the end of this year, idiot actually thinks he’s going to get re-elected! HAHAHA

[UPDATE] So a few days after posting this I see that Paterson officially said he’s dropping out of the race for the end of this year…was it something I said? LOL.

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3 thoughts to “Complaint: New York State Vehicle Registration Renewal”

  1. Misery loves company they say, Joe. My husband drives a 1998 VW Jetta Diesel Weighs
    2500 lbs, gets>50mpg low maintenance! When registration came, I nearly fainted!Last time it was $33, now they want $92. Where will it end……..

  2. I agree I am looking at this use tax what joke. although I put the blame on the whole lot of them. NYS government is nothing more than a group of [email protected]$%!’d up self serving power mongers. Its a shame that the biggest employer in NYS is the state. The elected officials are puppets to the fire, police and teachers unions instead of the average joe unfortunately this disparety between state workers and private businesses is here to stay. We are F&*%@D!!!!!!

  3. You are exactly right Joe Halas! The corrupt politicians cave into the Government worker Unions. We are paying for the lifetime benefits…pensions etc. of Federal, State and Municipal workers and the Politicians that are in bed with them. Well; the well is drying up! I hope they have a hell of a time trying to get blood from a stone. People will flee, fight or refuse to pay. If there is no money to take, there is no fee, tax, fine, surcharge or other B.S. rip-off! F*** them all! They have been stealing from private sector workers for over 40 years!

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