Walkway Over The Hudson

First let me just say wow,  It’s been an entire month since I made a post, and I’m even late with this one.

Last Tuesday my parents wanted to go walk the Walkway Over the Hudson after work so I joined them. It was a nice day out, sunny and cool. Luckily we found a parking spot on the street right near the entrance and didn’t have to walk a few blocks before walking the bridge.

I really cannot describe the sites I saw while I was up there. I have never walked the Mid-Hudson bridge before, and even that has a crappy view because of the cars on one side and the high fences on the other. I rowed in high school on the river so I was used to the nice sites off in the distance, but the vantage point you have of being all the way up there is amazing.

We sucked it up and walked the entire bridge back and forth.  The bridge spans approximately 1.25 miles, so it made for a nice 2.5 mile walk. The wind picked up as the sun set behind the mountains on the Ulster County side so it was a bit chilly on the way back, but we didn’t mind.

It was fun walking across, I have always like to walk around when the scenery was right. Now all I need to do it motivate myself to jog across it weekly for exercise, maybe even hit the store and get bikes for Jamie and I so we can ride across.

If you haven’t done it yet, go do it. You can’t miss out on this. Enjoy some of the pictures I took while I was up there. You can view all of my pictures at our photo gallery. For more information on the bridge or the project go to www.walkway.org.

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