Fontainebleau – Miami Beach

The Fontainebleau resort in Miami Beach is absolutely fabulous. It truly lived up to its four and half stars rating. Everything is very luxurious and the service is exceptional. I highly recommend this place to anyone going to Miami.

Between he beach, pools, historic bars, famous night clubs, high class restaurants, and many shops, there really isn’t much need to leave the resort! We spent most of our vacation on the beach and in the pools and it was just great, enjoyed every minute of it. When we weren’t in the water or down in the main part of Miami Beach, we went to the restaurants in the hotel. We tried most of them, there were just too many.

Gotham Steak is a great steakhouse. We got a seat right next to the kitchen, which happens to have glass walls so you can watch them prepare and cook the meals. There is also Vida which cooks more of normal home-style dishes which was nice. One restaurant we didn’t try was Scarpetta, which is supposed to be the best Italian food restaurant down there, but we just simply ran out of days to eat food. There was an outside raw bar called La Cote which we also didn’t get to try, a sandwich shop called Fresh, a Japanese food place called Blade, a Chinese restaurant called Hakkasan.

A few nights we went down the the Bleau Bar, that famous bar in the famous hotel. Now drink prices in Miami are outrageous, but hey, at least you can say you had a drink there. Most nights we left the hotel to either get dinner or walk down Ocean Drive where everyone else in Miami Beach was. We never went to the club Liv, there was always some large party going on and long lines outside with waiting people, so we went off and did other things.

We were upgraded to a room with a balcony which was cool because we spent most early mornings out there watching the massive lightening storms over the ocean. There are four towers to the hotel, the all new suite towers Trésor and Sorrento, and the original but renovated Château and Versailles. We were in the Versailles tower, tenth floor, so the balcony view was really nice. Maybe one day we can go back and afford one of those suites :). There are also a ton of conference rooms and halls. I really don’t even know how many there are but there are two floors of them, and they were packed with massive company get-aways and conferences all week. All the rooms are equipped with iMac computers which connect you to their front desk for anything you need. No more dialing the front desk, just fill out a form online of what you need and twenty minutes later its at your door, I love technology.

If I had to rate this hotel I would give it a 5 all around. It was a great experience and I would definitely stay there again if we go back to Miami. If you wish to read more on the hotel, you can visit their website at They also have a hotel in Las Vegas, which we are seriously considering for vacation next year. Enjoy the photos from the hotel and the surrounding resort property.

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  1. @Marie Roe
    It was! I booked it online without doing too much research, just went by guest reviews and the hotel rating. I later found out how famous the place was and when we got there it really exceeded my expectations. I just wish I knew how expensive everything there would be so we could have been more prepared.

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