MLS Game Four: NY Red Bulls vs. Colorado Rapids

This past Saturday we went to yet another MLS game, but with Casey and Andrew this time. If you are tired of reading these posts, don’t worry, I don’t have tickets from now until August!

We had a little joke going around that the Red Bulls only win at home when Casey and Andrew come. Why? Well they only did win one game at home and it was the last time they came to the game. Unfortunately that did not hold true as the Red Bulls lost again. It was another upsetting loss as they had many, many changes to score. They dominated the filed and once again had much more possession time then the opposing team, but they just could not put the ball in the net.

Oddly there were two penalty kicks, one for each time. Now if you know the game those are kind of hard to come across since you really must to something bad inside the goalie box for those to happen, and no one wants them to happen since its pretty much a guaranteed goal. Each team scored their penalty kick and it turned out to be the game winning goal for Colorado. The player Conor Casey from the Colorado Rapids scored both his goals with headers. All that guy did is head the ball all game, it was interesting to watch considering he took more shots with his head than his foot.

The Red Bulls lost this match 3-2. I’m going to try and nab some season tickets for next year. I’m trying to figure out where I want to sit in their new stadium. Not sure if I want to go to the second level front row so I have nothing obstructing my view or move down closer. Help me choose my seats by viewing them online in 3d here. I’m thinking dead center, mezzanine level, section 226, first row.

You can watch the highlights of the game here.

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